THE CLIENT : State Wine & Grape Board  

THE CHALLENGE: Identify effective advertising channels and campaigns among state residents and residential cohorts   

 Areas of Focus:  

 Customer Experience  Brand Experience  

Employee Experience  Product Experience 

Understand customer behavior and preferences (e.g. wine consumption, wine purchase  influencers)   Analyze the differences between generational cohorts.To help elevate the branding of local wines,  

wine makers, and wineries, the state’s wine and  grape board desired to better understand  which advertising channels and campaigns  would perform best among state residents and  residential cohorts (Millennials, Gen X,  Boomers+).  

Additionally, the board wanted to know how different generational cohorts and  coinciding factors influenced their reception of advertising.  


Leverage new and existing cohorts to understand advertising and purchase preferences  Collect and measure key insights, such as wine consumption, wine knowledge, and  purchase habits 

Develop strategies to meet the demand and desire of target cohorts |

Utilizing two sources – a virtual panel comprised of Millennials and the client’s  newsletter subscriber base – we conducted an online survey using Qualtrics, the leading  experience management software, to evaluate respondents’ impression of the  advertising copy, to discover purchase influencers, and to gather other actionable data  including wine consumption (frequency), wine knowledge (varietals), and purchase  satisfaction.  

Winery visitation, its impact on varietals awareness, and social media preferences were  also analyzed. Differentiation and examination by generational groups, gender, and  highest educational level attainment were conducted as well. 


Uncovered generational preferences across multiple areas Identified Millennials as a key target for marketing growth Insights are guiding future marketing campaigns and efforts  Distinctions were identified among cohorts  

across multiple areas of analysis.  

Differentiations were classified across age,  gender, education level, wine consumption  frequency, and newsletter / panel sourcing.  

Millennials were identified as a key target  market for wine industry growth in the state,  and this affirmed that unique needs and desires  exist for this generational cohort compared to  older generations.  

Insights provided from this survey guided marketing decisions and campaigns going  forward. 

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– Laura V., Director of Research |

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