The Moving Industry Case Study

Data-backed Insights In Long-Term Partnership

To have data-backed insights that help the growing company improve operations, meet reporting requirements and prove value to clients.

Alexander’s Mobility Services

Client and Employee Feedback, Quality Insight and Reporting

November, 2022

Across The United States

Project Overview

Alexander’s Mobility Services helps families move across the U.S. and internationally, as well as providing moving and logistic services to corporate clients, government and the military. With branches across the country, more than 180 professional van operators, and backed by the Atlas World Group network, the company is equipped to provide moving services anywhere in the world.

As an award-winning company with over six decades of experience, Alexander’s is confident in the quality of its services. And its performance data – collected through, for example, client feedback surveys and employee evaluations – backs this up.

“Being able to validate and quantify our performance for clients is important. It reinforces that they have hired a quality service provider,” says Pam Deem-Hergan, Director of Marketing and Sales at Alexander’s.


The Challenge

Alexander’s Mobility Services needed data-backed insights help the company improve operations, meet reporting requirements and prove value to clients. But as the industry changed and the company grew, the complexity and quantity of data it required also grew.

It wasn’t practical for the company to divert time and resources to manage all of its data needs internally. Alexander’s needed a trusted, strategic partner to handle the company’s evolving need for data so it could continue delivering the excellent service its clients had come to expect.

The Solution: A Team Of Data Experts In A Flexible Retainer Relationship

Alexander’s started working with the Rise Group through their relationship with Atlas over a decade ago. After experiencing firsthand the benefits that the Rise Group offers, Alexander’s decided to continue working with the team directly on a retainer basis.

The retainer is renegotiated annually and is flexible enough to adapt to changing priorities. “Projects have varied over the years, depending on what we’re most focused on. Katrina’s team has been very flexible in being there to help us analyze specific data for particular needs,” says Pam.

One of their first projects together involved transitioning from a paper-based customer feedback process to a web-based one. “We’ve continued to refine that piece of our relationship as software and data analysis has gotten more sophisticated,” says Pam. “Katrina and the rest of the team have really carried us through all of those transitions, keeping us on top of what technologies are available and where we should be going with the data analysis side.”

Working with the team at Rise has been a pleasure, says Mark Bonsiero, Senior Customer Service Manager. “Too often in this world nowadays, people are slow to respond,” he says. “But every interaction I’ve had with the Rise Group has been fantastic. They’re super responsive and very attentive to our needs.”

Accurate Data, Happy Client

Working closely with the Rise Group allows Alexander’s to access the expertise it needs without the expense and complication of expanding its internal team.

When one of Alexander’s biggest clients – a global relocation management company – instituted new weekly reporting requirements, Pam knew they needed to get it right. This project called for the prowess of the Rise Group.

“We turn to the Rise Group for reporting that is particularly complicated because we know their skills,” says Pam. “Within her team, Katrina can call on people that are super strong at data analysis, people that are very detail focused on making sure that data is accurate. So there’s a lot of skill sets there that we can utilize by working with the Rise Group.”

The team at Rise audit the data weekly to make sure it’s accurate and then remedy any issues that might have cropped up from technical difficulties with the API or through incorrect data entry.

“Our client was reliant on those reports and that data from us, and they were getting bad data. Katrina and her team stepped in and got us to the point where the client is now happy with the results and the data that they get from us,” says Mark.

A Strategic Partner

As the primary point of contact for customers, Alexander’s customer service representatives play a vital role within the company. Recognizing this, Mark decided to create a performance-based reward program – and turned to Katrina and her team for help.

Mark already receives a monthly report from the Rise Group, which summarizes customer service scores for individual customer service reps. But Mark planned to use teams in the new reward program, reflecting recent structural changes in their department.

“I needed a way to show how each overall team is performing,” says Mark. “I asked the Rise Group to tweak the report and Katrina got on a call and dug deeper to find out what my needs were.”

With her vast knowledge of the company, Katrina was able to go beyond a simple tweak, and determined what metrics would give Mark the information he really needed. Now Mark has greater insight into the performance of his customer service reps on both an individual and a team basis and can use that data to create an accurate and fair reward system.

“Working with the Rise Group gives us all the benefits of a partnership rather than a transactional relationship,” says Pam.

“Alexander’s is an amazing client, seeking innovation and excellence in all they do,” says Katrina Starnes, Rise Group’s President & Principal Consultant. “They have been historically ahead of the curve and are clearly experts in their industry. We know supporting their data management and reporting frees them to focus on serving their clients’ moving and logistics needs.”

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