The Transportation Industry Case Study

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Recruiting van operators within the household goods / specialized transportation space has become increasingly difficult.As previous generations retire and fewer individuals choose driving as a career path, it is business critical to determine who are ideal candidates and how best to retain top talent.

Second-largest carrier of household goods in the U.S.

Customer Experience, Employee Experience

24 January, 2020

United State Of America (USA)

The Challenge 

The Solution

Utilizing journey mapping, we gathered cross-functional department heads and challenged them to evaluate operators’ experience with the company independently and comparatively.


The goal of the exercise was to identify measurable aspects of the operator experience that could also serve as benchmarks.

Following the exercise, two survey instruments were developed: a company-branded operator survey and a non-branded survey targeting non-company operators for benchmarking purposes. The two surveys were fielded concurrently and analyzed both independently as well as comparatively.

The Results

  • Defined the specific strengths and weaknesses of the client’s current recruiting process
  • Identified key opportunities to enhance the operator experience (talent retention)
  • Revealed the competitive positioning of the company

The company learned that their significant 70+ year history and competitive operator business model presented several unique strengths while also creating a challenge for recruiting.

Additionally, we helped to identify key steps to maintaining and improving the operator experience leading to increased external customer satisfaction.

The cross-functional department heads involved in the study’s development then took ownership of specific improvement roadmap items.

Over the past year, these insights and efforts have been enhancing the competitive positioning of the company to recruit and retain top talent.

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– Aaron C., Marketing Specialist

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