Spring Clean Your Analytics

Analytics can help businesses and organizations make better, more informed decisions and achieve a variety of goals.  Good data can be leveraged in so many ways that will result in a better understanding of your audience’s behavior, identifying market trends, measuring accomplishments, and more. But collecting data for data’s sake can leave you awash in spreadsheets and information, causing you to feel more like you’re drowning.

All of this makes it more important than ever to have accurate data from your analytics. This spring can be a great chance to spring clean your data from any dirty data.  After all, a clean data set is a happy data set!

How do we clean the data that we have?

First of all, we need to audit our data across our analytics platforms and recognize any data that seems inconsistent, inaccurate, and unactionable.

We can run those audits usually by using a platform or collecting them manually from all your channels. 

Things to look out for during an audit

An audit needs to encompass all your channels, including your website, email, social media, paid search, and more. Data may need to be curated from static sources like PDFs that already exist within your company. Look at results and compare them between channels; if something seems off in one channel or isn’t consistent between different channels, then perhaps something went wrong in your targeting or what pieces of data are being tracked. 

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