The Multitasking Myth: Unraveling the Illusion of Efficiency

Have you ever listed multitasking as one of your resume’s standout skills? Most of us have been in that position. Multitasking has long been regarded as a valuable ability, allowing us to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and boost productivity. However, recent studies suggest that the perception of multitasking as an efficiency booster might actually be a myth.

Numerous studies have revealed an intriguing finding: when participants switched between two tasks, they not only failed to save time but actually lost valuable time as they struggled to refocus on the new task with each switch. This time loss became even more pronounced when the tasks grew more complex. (Source:

woman multitasking with multiple arms on laptop and notebook and tablet

Given that studies have indeed highlighted the drawbacks of multitasking, it begs the question: why is it still so heavily promoted in contemporary society? In a world where efficiency holds significant importance, showcasing one’s capacity to handle multiple tasks simultaneously may appear enticing to employers and organizations seeking to maximize their workforce’s productivity and creativity to achieve optimal returns. However, perhaps it’s time to reconsider this perspective on the multitasking myth and redirect our energy toward focusing on one task at a time.
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